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Egg-laying 2

DQ and most gryphons will lay eggs in order to give birth, we know that. But seeing as gryphons have become intelligent enough to preclude seasonal heat, what about the menstrual cycle? Is it like a mammal or like an avian? Do female gryphons go through a sort of premenstrual syndrome as they suffer some inconvenience from having to lay an infertile egg every month or couple of months?
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More importantly, how long does a gryphon egg take to boil, do they go with bacon, and do gryphons care about the consumption of eggs they don't intend to hatch?
Hmm, that would make a pretty big omlette, I guess.
Faux pas... :)
Faux pas or not, curiosity got the best of me and I just did a quick search. I found something I couldn't have imagined. On the page
I found out that not only are infertile eggs laid like female chickens, but it is a process spurned by hormones subject to control. If the caretaker removes the infertile eggs as they are laid, this will either send a message to the bird or the bird's hormones to stop laying eggs. In either case she usually stops, when she could have gone on.

Gryphons lay only one egg due to their size; They may not lay at all, as I originally posed, if they have become intelligent enough to shove the hindbrain to the back of the priority list. It works against them due to the resources spent in laying (yolk, albumin, plascenta and shell), so it might even be situational, as per wartime or halcyon days, mind over body, and so on.
Sorry, just now getting to this, I missed the initial posting.

I always saw egglaying in gryphons as being triggered by environmental conditions, similar to the way it is with parrots or other birds that live in environments with drastic seasonal changes. Cockatiels and budgies, for instance, are triggered to lay eggs by the presence of abundant food and water. My budgies have never laid eggs with me, because they get more or less 'rationed' food, and they don't have nest boxes. I could pretty easily create nesting conditions for them -- add boxes, put out large amounts of green vegetables every day -- but without those triggers, they don't lay eggs. With gryphons it would be more or less similar -- they can trigger fertility in themselves by gorging. In a sentient society you would also have to add emotional health to that equation -- getting depressed will cause a female gryphon to not lay eggs, etc, even if she wants to -- and societal structures, ie, mating rituals involving gorging on certain types of food. Part of that would also probably be bone-eating and shellfish-eating, to create an abundance of calcium in the system, which would then be used to form the shell of the egg.
Sounds good; I like the bone and shellfish-eating aspect (clever of evolution to do that). The nesting conditions also remind me of baby booms after wartimes in our society.