Erin Hoffman (zhai) wrote in dqj,
Erin Hoffman

[Location Profile] The Forgotten Home

The Forgotten Home

At the end of the Second War, the Di'Quinasevites pushed back the panaekiri forces with devastating effect following the fall of the Adverse Adepts and the destruction of their maker.  Seeking to solidify their victory before the panaekiri could recoup and attack again, the PoleAdepts diverted energy from the Planar Portal, deactivating it, to revive the Barrier, now pushed back beyond the original territories of the long lost Quinasevite population.

Now that the rebuilding of the lost Aeries and Villages -- Goldwing and Starfeather -- has been completed, scholars and archaeologists are flocking to the newly re-acquired territories to discover what was lost.  Bands of Guardians have been assembled to comb through these grassy, desolate-seeming lands, and slowly they are uncovering tiny groups of refugees fled from panaekiri forts and holds.  Many bear the marks of gruesome deformation, having escaped after being exposed to alterations effected by the panaekiri's wild magic.  For every successful creation the panaekiri tossed aside dozens of failures, and some of those failures have survived, somewhat to the chagrin of their erstwhile rescuers.

The Onyx Mesa is a vast plane of scorched earth, its stone and sand actually melted together in certain places.  Adjacent to this blackened expanse are the ruins of the original Quinasev council site, the first location where humans and gryphons came together to live cooperatively -- an endeavor that did inevitably lead to the formation of the group that would later call themselves the Panaekiri.

Much of this territory remains unexplored, and prospectors of a sort from all across Di'Quinasev have slowly begun the process of re-cultivating the land.  Also under construction are four massive towers, one for each element, to anchor the new Barrier, which was created out of a modification on the original Planar Barrier design.  The towers, woven through with energy and tended by each PoleAdept and their associated cadre of lesser mages, each are similar in design to the Daypole that was recently re-erected in Goldwing after being toppled during the War -- carved with symbols that themselves are designed to accellerate and amplify magical energy, these new monoliths mark the new border between Di'Quinasev territory and that held by the dark mages.
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