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Character sheets

Followed Bren's example and posted to here and the mailing list.. Hee, we'll see if I figured out the mailing list or not.

NAME: Dayenan Ar’duinor


TYPE: Goldwing/Shadowlight descent

BIOGRAPHY: Both her father and mother are Healers, and so Healing and the healer craft have always been a huge force in her life. As her parents, and all the other healers, were always working, she got used to either entertaining herself or playing with the other Healer’s children in organized daycare (play-dates and such). It was at one of these playdates that she met Reed, and in short time they became friends. To the surprise of all, they bonded. As they both grew older Dayenan, shocked everyone by declaring she wished to become an artisan instead of following in her parents footsteps as a Healer. She just recently finished her Apprenticeship, and has begun work on her Master’s thesis.

AGE: 20 fivemoons

HEIGHT: 5’6”

WEIGHT: 138 lb

BODY TYPE: A generalized body type—not particularly tall, she’s sturdy, but not stocky.


COMPLEXION/COLORATION: A light gold, darkening to a warm tan in the summer and paling to a pleasant tawny in the winter.

EYES: Green

HAIR/FEATHERS/FUR: Long and surprisingly fine, a dark, dark chocolate brown with a varying amount of lighter golden highlights, depending on how much sun she’s seen.

CLOTHING STYLE: For work, simple sturdy linens and leathers. She has a small collection of clothing from each of the Aeries, and generally wears a tasteful blend when out and about. Prefers cool colors and browns.

SPEAKING STYLE: Usually light and pleasant, with plenty of jokes. Tends to babble or even stutter when nervous or very excited. She doesn’t generally chatter.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: ‘Bright as Day’ became a very popular quip among her family and friends. She’s almost always smiling, definitely the optimist. This tends to dim a bit in times of stress, especially right before a large deadline, but always rebounds. She tries to be very friendly with everyone, and is very concerned with displaying proper gratitude and respect when the situation calls.

CAREER: Craftsman

MAGIC ABILITIES: Apprentice Fire and Apprentice Earth with high master potential


PREJUDICES: Highborn (which tends to make it problematic when receiving comissions)

BEST QUALITIES: Her sunny nature, eagerness to make friends, and genuine respect and love of life

WORST QUALITIES: Tends to get cranky when low on sleep, sometimes say things she shouldn’t, tends to try and ‘fix’ things she’s not invited to fix.

WEAKNESSES: Pretties, music—pretty much everything beautiful.

HOBBIES: Reading, exploring, back-packing

TALENTS: A kind of ‘Jack of All Trades’, she has talents in instrument-making (particularly wind), jewelry-making, some textiles. She has varying ability and knowledge of working with clay, stone, metal, and wood.

NAME: Reed


TYPE: Cougar/Smilodon

BIOGRAPHY: Reed comes from a litter of four kits, the first of three from his parents. His father, Ash, was the firstborn of Thistle, from Syrina and Pherlin’s tribe of cubs. Their family was very tight-knit, all of the first generation of cubs generally staying close to the area to help raise their younger brothers and sisters. Reed’s mother had great channeling ability, but never bonded—as a result she (and by necessity, her family) simply stayed near the Healer’s compound and applied her ability whenever needed. Usually the cubs of many of the Healer’s families would come together and play, which is how Reed met Dayenan. To the surprise and pleasure of all, the two bonded quickly.

AGE: 23 fivemoons (well, in human terms—not too sure about Yaseri rates of aging. Young adult, essentially.)

HEIGHT: 3’1”

WEIGHT: 380 lb

BODY TYPE: Reed’s body type indicates his mixed-morph heritage as much as his coloration. He’s got the general body type of a beefed-up cougar—somewhat long in body and tail, but with a larger head and simply more mass. His bulk is particularly evident around the head, neck and shoulder region, as well as his haunches. While he’s too heavy to be a fast runner, the proportions and muscle mass make him an excellent jumper and ambush predator. Really, his name is fairly incongruous now, though it fit him as a scrawny kitten and lanky adolescent.

FACE TYPE: Like his body, it begins with the general proportions and shape of a cougar. His antennae are short, an obvious physical hint at his poor telepathic abilities, and tend to wrap either up and over his brow, following the line of a human eyebrow, or down and around his cheek bones. His face is slightly more angular than the typical round cougar face, and his skull extends a bit further back to accommodate attachment of large jaw and neck muscles. His muzzle is slightly more broad at the canines, which themselves are sufficiently long enough to extend a good inch past his muzzle. Link

COMPLEXION/COLORATION: A dark, chocolate-black stripe follows the line of his spine from the back of his head to the tip of his tail. A base of dark, dusky gray-brown dorsally gains a slightly golden/tawny hue and onto creamy white on his belly, the inside of his legs, and his throat all the way to the whisker-pads on his muzzle. Like a kit that never lost his baby markings, faint shadows of stripes and spots dance along his hide, from muzzle to tail and down his legs.

EYES: A green-gold, so light in color and saturation that they appear almost grey at times.

HAIR/FEATHERS/FUR: Thick and plush, slightly longer along the edge of his jaw, and down the back edge of his fore and hindlegs. His tail is thick and fluffy, furred just about equally all the way down. In contrast, the tuffting on his ears is so light as to almost be unnoticeable.

CLOTHING STYLE: As his bondmate is an artisan, he has quite the collection of kitty pretties—from braided cords of silk to leather fringing, clay and glass beads and clasps, tooled leather stylized ‘armor’, shiny bronze and copper trinkets.

SPEAKING STYLE: Due to his almost crippling level of telepathy he is, of necessity, quiet. Though he may occasionally joke and banter, more often when he speaks the words are deep and meaningful—usually a source of quiet inspiration to his bondmate.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: At first sight you might imagine him to be a hulking brute, all muscle and no brain; rather, he is quite the opposite. Quiet and still—every movement and word is thought out and measured, no energy wasted. Since the only way he can communicate interspecifically is through physical contact, usually he waits until there’s already a familiarity, usually to the level of friendship, before ever directly speaking. Very proper and thoughtful, the physical manifestation of ‘Still waters run deep’.

CAREER: Currently, none. In Guardian he takes to hunting for the low-income refugee families, providing a welcome reprieve from the cheap stock-shift meat for around the same price (if not less). Word of this tends to spread, and a few of the well-to-do crowd tend to patronize his services, as well.

MAGIC ABILITIES: Two ‘elements’

TELEPATHIC ABILITIES: Average telepathy; range of 100 yards for own species, able to speak to out-species with physical contact.

PREJUDICES: As with any thinker (for there is nothing Reed is if not a thinker), he dislikes blatant ignorance and the perpetuation of it. In his travels he has seen the pursuit of greed at the expense of others, and generally characterizes any highborn he meets as ‘one of that lot’ until proven otherwise.

BEST QUALITIES: His loyalty, intelligence, pursuit of honor and honorable action.

WORST QUALITIES: He holds grudges like nobody’s business. Generally, once he’s made up his mind about something (good or bad), it’s impossible to make him change it.

WEAKNESSES: Anything helpless. Being the largest out of his litter he grew up always protecting the little ones, and coming upon a helpless being cries to both this instinct and his naturally honorable nature. He frequently gets taken advantage of.

HOBBIES: Poetry, storytelling, learning.

TALENTS: He’s a particularly adept hunter, with grace that belies his bulk.
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