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[System] Creating Indigenous Species

Document two. =)

Creating Indigenous Species
The documentation for species on Di'Quinasev is mostly limited to sentients. There are, of course, vast numbers of non-sentient life forms on Di'Quinasev, filling out the ecosphere. Those wishing to either create "new" indigenous species or use existing ones in their posts should take note of the following general 'biology' guidelines.

The main track of evolution on Di'Quinasev was toward hexapods -- six-limbed creatures. The gryphons are a prime example -- two wings, two forelimbs, two hind limbs. Di'Quinasev's two parallel planes also follow this general trend -- centaurs are also hexapods, and without knowing their history it would be possible to assume that they originated on Di'Quinasev. Most mammals, birds, and reptiles on Di'Quinasev will have six limbs; they can still be bipedal, but, in the instance of birds and some reptiles, will have in addition to a pair of wings a small pair of grasping forelimbs. Some birds, particularly residents of Midland forest, possess four wings and two perching legs with grasping feet.

Insects, as on Earth, come in a wide array of leg numbers, and do not fall within the hexapod categorization.

Elemental magic generally does not center itself in non-sentients, but there are some exceptions. It concentrates in certain physical areas -- Fire in places of sun, such as the plains; Air in places of wind, such as the Sanctuary Mountains. Because of this, instances of plant life that have picked up either a sensitivity to or a mild, passive use of elemental energy will be more common in areas heavily saturated with that element. In the grasslands it is not uncommon to find plants that are strongly fire-resistant, which, in addition to the monsoon season, makes grass fires a relative rarity on the plains. The plant that first developed this ability spread very quickly, and many later mutations carried the ability on in later generations.

Players should not feel restricted in creating new non-sentient species to use in passing. Just remember that, generally speaking, local creatures are overwhelmingly likely to be hexapods -- quadrapeds are extremely rare, to the point of being about as rare as non-insect hexapods are on Earth. This being said, most 'analogs' do exist in Di'Quinasev -- they will just have the adaptaion of an extra pair of limbs, implemented in different fashions -- for example, a Di'Quinasev crocodile might have either simply an extra pair of legs, giving it greater mobility, or a set of grasping pincers at the base of its neck.
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